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CRIMSONLOGIC provides a 24/7 Help Desk Service that uses a customer interaction system to register all issues or technical problems for timely monitoring, follow-up and resolution. The dedicated help desk team can be reached by phone, fax or email.

CRIMSONLOGIC is Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 certified so customers are assured of efficient and effective support. Their problem resolution processes comply with the highest quality standards.

For more information, contact CRIMSONLOGIC at or call 1-877-763-6887.



CRIMSONLOGIC also provides U.S. customs broker services to our clients at all U.S. ports of discharge.

In addition to filing AMS and/or ISF information with U.S. Customs, they can prepare customs entry form 3461 and entry summary form 7501 to ensure your cargo is cleared in a timely manner.

CRIMSONLOGIC can also assist importers with the calculation of all fees due to U.S. Customs, including duty and taxes.

You can issue payment of these duties, taxes, and fees directly to U.S. Customs or to CRIMSONLOGIC and they will forward the payment to Customs for you. We are also able to provide importers with both single and continuous bonds as required by U.S. Customs.

For more information, contact CRIMSONLOGIC at or call 1-877-763-6887.